Movie I Saw Today…The Little Princess.

screenplay poem, experimental piece

Anonymous asked: hey safety goth! any good tips on how to stay safe when you go back to school?


_Focus on studies.

_Be critical of what is taught.

_Do not hesitate to question information, even if makes those in authority uncomfortable. 

_Observe those you choose to accompany.

_Remain aware and do not lose sight of what is important. 

For Buu

He found him a Good Luck Girl.
She’s a slim seven so his arms do 360s around her.
The weight of his smile keeps her floating near his side if only to reflect clear skies back at his good eye
And distract from the clouds that linger near his scalp.
He’s a boy from the bad batch with the bruises to prove it.
One life left to live and enough guts to lose it
So he holds holy water in the concave of his collar bones
just in case it’s his time but the Good Lord forgets to call him home.
He’s made his home out of my midnight hour crooning
Handed me his Jimmy’s Blues so now I’m 1am brooding
But if my shoulders seem like sturdy shelving I will willfully carry that storm you stumbled into.
And stumble out of
and stumble into
Until you learn to kiss the creases between your own knuckles
And realize that no Good Luck Girl
Has ever been more beautiful than you.

I’m not for everyone. I’m barely for me.
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Men fear witches because they take their power from the earth without poisoning the soil.
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Drawn on MS Paint

Metal puffer