black kids painting.

black kids dong ballet.

black kids singing.

black kids playing piano.

black kids taking photos.

black kids writing books.

black kids gardening.

black kids doing slam poetry.

black kids playing the violin.

black kids playing the guitar.

black kids making films.

black kids stargazing.

black kids inventing.

black kids laughing.

black kids smiling.

black kids thriving.

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Jay wanted to put his paws on her 😂😭


take the time to read if you have time to read.

"melanin is memory. is the blue weight of the ocean. sewn into the red dusk of sky. living in the soil of your body. it is alive.  leaping and sweeping you. against. into the sun.  your skin was the first astronaut. the first in space. you touch. and talk. are intimate with the sun. everyday. and do not perish.
melanin. is the world. before this world.  before the word. slave.  during the word. slave.  after the word. slave.  it is the books. written into yourself.  wild math in the pads of your feet.  soft science in your hair.  language down your back. invention in your mouth.
melanin is why you are still alive after. the torching.  it is a second lung. the next heart. and the next heart. and the next.  a never ending. regenerative. breathing thing.  a ceremony of life. while you are asleep.  a cosmos. in conversation.
melanin is a wisdom that knew.  hate would be the anti-light come to devour. defile.  a wisdom that did not flinch.  a wisdom that is not bothered by such things. melanin is memory. your memory.”

 nayyirah waheed (via @nayyirahwaheed)
photo by: me

Last night’s collab sketch with my little cousin. #moleskine #brushpen


Nate shouls definitely be deep in that corner lol