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*runs up to you panting* dey busstin it wide ova deah

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When I’m like really excited about something I just bought. I like to take it out of its packaging and sit in the passenger seat next to me while I’m driving so I can just stare at it and imagine all the possibilities

I can relate!




One man asks me to the dance floor, one asks me
to a second drink, another asks me home.
I dance, I drink, I follow.
I can trust a man without clothes.
Naked he conceals no weapons, no threat
but the blood in his erection. His bed unfamiliar,
only temporarily. Pillows without loyalty
absorb the weight of any man, betray
the scent of the men who came before.
I trust a stranger’s tongue to tell me
nothing valuable. It makes no promises
of truth or lies, it doesn’t swear commitments.
The stranger’s hands take their time exploring.
Undisguised, they do not turn to claws or pretend
artistic skill to draw configurations on my flesh. They
are only human hands with fingertips
unsentimental with discoveries, without nostalgia
for what they leave behind. I trust this stranger
not to stay inside me once he enters me.

Other Fugitives and Other Strangers by Rigoberto González : The Poetry Foundation

My buddy Andy sent this to me just as I was considering the uptick of poetry in my life lately. Good timing.

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